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Rugged Design. Quality Craftsmanship. Unbeatable Service….and now PROCOAT


Your Truck People are proud to announce another industry first: PROCOAT.  From Ultimate Linings, comes PROCOAT.  The first polyurea coating available for your toolboxes, cab racks, chain hangers, flatbeds…you name it, from the factory.  PROCOAT adds a layer of rugged durability that ensures your product is PROTECHTED™ against the elements.  Ultra long lasting durability.  Applied to the world’s best work truck products.

The first production application is for ProTech’s new line of steel cross body tool boxes.  Once you fall in love with those, call or email us, we’ll make sure you can get PROCOAT applied to all your ProTech gear directly from the factory.

Available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.


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