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  • Shown is: 20-2649
    Shown is: 20-2649
In Frame Boxes

The ProTech In-Frame Box is fully sealed and rests on the frame rail top behind your truck’s cab. They includes mounting clips and bolts for frame mounting. Available in two widths, 8”H or 10”H heights, with or without a driveline notch and diamond plate or polished aluminum lid.

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Part Number Description H" W" L" LBS MSRP
20-2647 BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX8H TOP OPEN 8 24 22 35 $482.30
20-2647S BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX8H TOP OPEN, POL AL LID 8 24 22 35 $530.53
20-2649 BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX10H TOP OPEN 10 24 22 40 $497.48
20-2649S BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX10H TOP OPEN, POL AL LID 10 24 22 40 $547.22
20-2650 BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX12H, TOP OPEN, NOTCHED 12 24 22 45 $648.72
20-2650S BOX, AL, IN-FRAME, 24WX22LX12H TOP OPEN, NOTCHED, POL AL LID 12 24 22 45 $713.59
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