Cab Rack with Center Enclosure
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  • Shown is: 10-1110
    Shown is: 10-1110
  • Center Enclosure
    Center Enclosure
Cab Rack with Center Enclosure

Center enclosure cab racks have a cabinet depth of 8.5” and are available in three sizes: 68”H x 86”W, 68”H x 70”W, and 65”H x 70”W. The cabinet includes a top shelf, a chain hanger installed inside and a diamond plate door with stainless steel locking T-latches.
Available with space saver mounting feet for an additional 6″ of trailer swing clearance.

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Part Number Description H" W" LBS MSRP
10-1013 CBRCK, C8, 68X70, PS+TUBE/DIAPLT, CENTER ENCLOSURE 68 70 180 $2,328.65
10-1074-CE CBRCK, C8, 65X70, PRO, ANGMT, CENTER ENCLOSURE 65 70 180 $2,350.59
10-1094-CE CBRCK, C8, 68X86, CENTER ENCLOSURE, HEPTUBE, ANGMTG 68 86 185 $2,469.39
10-1110 CBRCK, C8, 68X86, CENTER ENCLOSURE 68 86 180 $2,364.10
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